Split Drawers


ca. 1890s – 1900s

Provenance: Probably DE or MD, USA

Label: none


Machine-made white linen split drawers, embellished with two types of cotton lace and cotton embroidery. Judging by the materials and construction of these split drawers, they may have been a catalog order item.

The short, wide design of these split drawers, with flaring, elaborate embellishment at the lower legs, points to a late Victorian/Edwardian time frame. They were made with a fitted waist with a V-front, and a drawstring back. The drawstrings only gather a small amount of the waist together at the back, leaving the front and sides to fit smoothly.

The inside back of the drawers has a pencilled ’25’ written on it. The number itself may be a measurement, but after measuring the drawers, I found that the number does not correspond to any of the drawer’s dimensions, such as waist, hips or even leg length. I am still unsure what this number means.

These split drawers are in beautiful condition, except for a line of faint rust stains from where they were once stored folded over a metal hanger.

X.2014.050 3

X.2014.050 4

X.2014.050 6

The front waistline, from the inside, showing the fitting tucks and V-front.

X.2014.050 8

With a sheet of white paper behind it, you can just see the ’25’ written in pencil on the inside of the drawers.

X.2014.050 10

Embroidery and lace insets at the lower leg.

X.2014.050 11

Embroidery and lace insets at the lower leg.

X.2014.050 13

Inner finishing