ca. 1840-1860 Provenance: none, USA Label: none, homemade. Center front embroidered “J. A. C. . . . 7” X.2014.068 A fully hand sewn linen chemise, with “J. A. C. . . . 7″ cross-stitched in… Continue reading

Split Drawers

ca. 1890s – 1900s Provenance: Probably DE or MD, USA Label: none X.2014.050 Machine-made white linen split drawers, embellished with two types of cotton lace and cotton embroidery. Judging by the materials and construction of… Continue reading


ca. 1900-1915 Label: none Provenance: none X.2014.058 A heavy linen drawstring bag, decorated with Irish lace insets, and lined with thin white cotton. Since the late 18th and early 19th century, when rounded, white… Continue reading


ca. 1890s-1900s Provenance: unknown, USA Label: None, though there may have been one inside originally. X.2014.063 Black and grey beaded purse on a silk and silvered copper alloy base and frame. Interlined with a… Continue reading

Corset Cover

ca. 1890s-1900s Provenance: none, probably USA Label: none, homemade X.2014.057 Homemade linen and cotton lace corset cover. Closes down front with four varied shell buttons. Handmade buttonholes, hand finished. This linen corset cover… Continue reading


1880s Provenance: USA Label: none # X.2014.054 A deep purple silk bodice with silk velvet appliqué at the center front and cuffs. The bodice closes with cut steel and enamel buttons at the… Continue reading


mid- to late 1880s Provenance: unknown Label: none O.2014.04 A badly damaged studio tintype from the 1880s, showing a young man and woman. The man wears a dark 3-piece sack suit. Both his… Continue reading


probably ca. 1905-1908 Provenance: probably USA Label: none, probably homemade from a pattern #x.2014.040 Dimensions: 22″ waist, apx. 40″ hips, 39.5″ long at center back, 38″ long at center front, hem circumference is… Continue reading


1950s-1960s Provenance: Delaware, USA Label: “bobbie jerome” printed on purse lining in yellow ink. X.2014.031 A structured vinyl purse in muted tortoiseshell with gold tone trim. The purse closes with a snap clasp. Fully lined… Continue reading


ca. 1895 Label: none Provenance: USA X.2014.053 Black plain weave wool jacket with silk cord and loose-weave silk tape appliqués. 3/4 gigot sleeves, cropped V waist, full pale gold sateen lining, possibly cotton. Completely interlined… Continue reading